About Sneazm

Moin or Moin Moin is what you say in the North at any time of day or night.

Two enthusiasts, one from Hamburg, the gateway to the world, the other from Schleswig-Holstein, the land between the seas, have a penchant for quality and durability in fashion in general and in sneakers and accessories in particular. Both have decades of experience in the scene and founded Sneazm OHG to live their passion.

                 In their online shop, they offer high-quality sneakers and accessories.

The sneakers have been handmade in Bolton (Great Britain) for 62 years now! The materials come mainly from England and Scotland, a small part comes from the European Union.

The accessories come from Bristol (Great Britain), where they have been made since 1796, now in the 7th generation.

Both companies are private manufactories with binding social standards and their employees have been working there for decades.

For us, it was and is very important to source high-quality products from our immediate surroundings and to avoid 'unhealthy' long transport routes.

What we do completely without are several product cycles per year. We keep it more with:

 "Design comes and goes!   Classic, timelessly good design is a language, not a commonplace!

  • When selecting our suppliers, we pay attention to artisan quality!
  • Ecological and regional production with ethically justifiable working conditions.
  • For us, "sustainable" also means that production is 100% in Europe and that the basic materials also come from the European neighbourhood as far as possible.
  • The sneakers are high-quality and timeless. "Form follows function" is more important than following fashion trends 'fast sneakers'.
  • We invest in quality, not in marketing.
  • The result then speaks for itself!
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